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Bani Nanda the women who honors the french pastry in India

Lets talk about Bani Nanda! A great woman with a strong personality and with the tenacity that is required to accomplish dreams.

She has a degree both in physics and in pastry. She gained professional experience through several job opportunities in five star hotels and Pastry boutiques both in India and France.

She is a tireless worker, a passionate chef and traveler, an entrepreneur, a dog lover and a loyal friend.

With MIAM, her pastry project, she has not only taken French products and techniques to India, but has managed to do it outstandingly. Always standing out for her big heart and the peace she holds.

May Bani continue her successful path in New Delhi and remain leaving a mark in the world and in all of us who have the fortune to know her.

The following interview will allow you to deepen into Bani´s professional and personal profile and will leave you with a strong desire to visit India and taste her spectacular pastry products!


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  • What were you doing before you decided to study Pastry?

I was completing my undergraduate degree in physics! It sounds crazy but I do have a degree in physics!


  • How did you decide to become a pastry chef?

I was bored one summer and therefore I decided to apply for an internship in a hotel! Throughout this experience I got very inspired by my head chef and I realized that I wanted a career in food! They were all very welcoming!


  • Before France, did you have any contact with pastry?

Yes, I did a few internships at some very top five star hotels!


  • How important and developed is the pastry in India?

It’s very important given the fact that a good cake is like a fashion statement!

On the contrary, it’s not that developed. It’s still tending towards the American style. Specifically, regarding cupcakes and brownies.


  • Which are the main pastry ingredients and the most emblematic pastries in India?

People love using chocolate here! It’s crazy how much chocolate I use!


  • Is it difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur woman in India? What is your strategy to do it?

No it’s not difficult at all! India is very open to this sort of initiatives and people respect me a lot. I also have a supportive family!

My strategy is just to reach out to as many people as possible!


  • How can you summarize you experience in France?

Incroyable! I gained so much. So many long lasting friendships! Also, I worked for Dalloyau and it was amazing!


  • In your opinion, which country has the best pastry technique? And where can you find the best pastries in the world?

France and Japan!! Both countries have fantastic trends and talented chefs!


  • How can you describe your pastry style? (Appearances and flavors)

My pastry style is modern and chic. I don’t like traditional decorations. I love glazing and playing with garnishes like macaron shells and meringue or guimauves.

I love local and seasonal ingredients. I also like bringing spectacular ingredients from my trips!


  • Are your products / productions influenced both by the French and Indian cuisines?

No, they are only influenced by French cuisine! Indian influences are complicated to induce in French pastry!


  • From whom have you learned the most?

From myself! Specially practicing and not being afraid! I have independently developed my style. It has been fun!


  • Tell us about MIAM. What does it mean to you? The reason behind the name ¨MIAM¨? Which is MIAM´s concept? Has MIAM developed positively since it opened?

Miam is my baby! It means yummy in French. I wanted a French name, as I owe so much to France!

The concept is luxury. My cakes are made with great precision, attention to detail and lot of technique. I also want to popularize the macarons.

The response has been OVERWHELMING! It has become popular quite fast and I love it!


  • How does it feel to be the boss? And, in your opinion, which are the main values that a boss should have?

Well I do not have a big team. It includes my helper (Sonu) and me. I’m always calm and relaxed and I like to impart knowledge.

A good boss always inspires, is kind and understanding.


  • Do you have a fetish ingredient?

Yes! I love passion fruit and kaffir lime!


  • Which is your specialty, the one that makes you prouder?

My dark chocolate and salted caramel entremet! Everyone loves it and talks about it!


  • What is your pastry philosophy?

Be innovative and do not be afraid to be different.


  • In your opinion, which is the unbreakable rule of pasty?

Respecting the temperatures for each process and product. This is crucial for me!


  • What is your plan for the future?

I want to see the world and open a Miam store!


  • If you were not a pastry chef, what other profession would you choose?

A pilot because I love to travel and I feel I would be an amazing pilot!


  • What is your favorite hobby?

Travelling. I love it even more than being a chef!


  • What is your favorite movie?

Little Miss Sunshine


  • What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

I don’t like fast food. But if I have to choose one it would be an Indian street food joint called Evergreen.


  • What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to visit 193 countries and to give birth to three children.


  • I know you love dogs. Do they taste your pastries? Have you ever made a cake for them? Do you consider this a business opportunity?

Yes I love my dogs! They are always trying to enter my atelier but they are not allowed! In a few occasions they have eaten macarons but not frequently as pastry is unhealthy for dogs!! Regarding if it can be consider a business opportunity I would say yes. As a matter of fact, there are already a few businesses that make doggy cakes with bread and meatballs!


  • In your opinion, which is the best travel destination in the world?

Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sublime. My very close friend Fabrizio invited me there and we spent three weeks exploring! Super amazing!



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